un-fet-tered: To set free or keep free from restrictions or bonds.

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I believe man must be free, both in spirit and society, that he must build strength into himself, affirming the ‘enormous beauty of the world’ and acquiring the confidence to see and to express his vision. And I believe in photography as one means of expressing this affirmation, and of achieving an ultimate happiness and faith.”  * Ansel Adams

Freedom can be a physical state or a state of mind – we like to think it’s a happy combination of both. With photography and through the lens of our unique and individual ideas, we strive to affirm the ‘enormous beauty of the world.’ It’s free range, all natural, mostly organic, and gives us a great excuse to go outside and look with wonder at our world.

This is not a place for purists. We bring our perspective, inner vision, and endless curiosity to our art. What comes straight out of the camera is sometimes magically perfect, but more often that’s only the beginning of the work. To take what was “snapped” and coax it into what was “seen” is where the artist’s touch transforms a photo into Photo Art. We hope you enjoy the view.

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